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Can My Dog Have Allergies?

Can My Dog Have Allergies?

Oh, Spring. The sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and children are enjoying the outdoors. Everyone is happy—except for those of us suffering from seasonal allergies. We’re too busy blowing our noses to stop and smell the roses, and our eyes are too itchy and watery for us to see all the greenery […]

Protecting Your Pets From Dangerous Plants

Protecting Your Pets From Dangerous Plants

Hunger and curiosity can make for a bad combination. I don’t know about your pet, but most seem to have both traits in spades. The second pets get outside, they often sniff and munch on anything they see from grass to strange plants. And if your pet can’t eat it, you can bet he’ll roll […]

Lake Hamilton Paw Spa and Retreat

Have you heard about the new Lake Hamilton Paw Spa and Retreat?! The paw spa is not only a pet hotel, but also has a grooming salon for all your pet’s spa needs. In addition to grooming services, our boarding facility offers cage-free rooms, raised bedding, live camera access, and one-on-one playtime. We also offer […]

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