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Lake Hamilton Paw Spa and Retreat

Have you heard about the new Lake Hamilton Paw Spa and Retreat?! The paw spa is not only a pet hotel, but also has a grooming salon for all your pet’s spa needs. In addition to grooming services, our boarding facility offers cage-free rooms, raised bedding, live camera access, and one-on-one playtime. We also offer […]

Cat Bath Time Survival Guide

Cat Bath Time Survival Guide

We’ve all been taught since we were kids that cats hate water. Whether it was from Saturday morning cartoons or real-life experience playing with felines, it’s become common knowledge to fear the wrath of any cat irritated by wet fur. Turns out that is not entirely true. There are, in fact, some cats that actually […]

Do Dogs Need Sweaters or Jackets in the Winter

Do Dogs Need Sweaters or Jackets?

Some people think dogs in sweaters simply look cute, while some think it is absurd for the descendants of wolves to be dressed in fluffy jackets. Regardless of your stance on the matter, dog jackets and sweaters can be a useful tool to keep your furry best friend safe and healthy in the colder weather. […]

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