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How to Keep Cats Safe Outdoors

How to Keep Cats Safe Outdoors

While many domesticated cats prefer to stay indoors, there are still quite a few adventurous felines who enjoy getting out into nature. These cats can prowl around the neighbor, chase after mice, and still find their way back home on a daily basis. However, despite the fact that cats are agile predators, there are still […]

7 Signs That You Have a Sick Bird

7 Signs That You Have a Sick Bird

Having a pet bird is completely different from having a pet cat or dog. Although you may have experience with taking care of a sick cat or dog, taking care of a bird can be completely different. Pet birds are extremely good at hiding their pain. And unfortunately, birds are very prone to injuries, even […]

Welcome to Lake Hamilton Animal Hospital

Lake Hamilton Animal Hospital has added a new boarding and grooming facility to our hospital called the Lake Hamilton Paw Spa and Retreat. This new facility offers hotel like accommodations for your pet. Each “room” is equipped with comfortable and raised bedding, live-feed web cameras so you can view your pet while you are away, […]

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